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The Upper Floor BDSM

Click here for the upper floor bdsm peek into the world of BDSM players. Mistresses as well as Masters enjoy a luxurious brunch as house slave kaos gets punished for misusing her twat. While this hottie in stockings and high heels gets denigrated, infernal restraints and flogged facing the entire dining room the wonderful and lithe Pink teases herself with a set of orgasms stolen with an hitachi.

submissive-slave-gets-tied-with-ropes-and-forced-to-cum submissive-slave-receiving-a-hard-whipping

Watch this poor girl tied with ropes and forced to cum!

Community Dinner Fisting

It’ss the community thanks night and right away all the the upper floor bdsm guests are treated to the embarrassment of siouxsie q by her perverted Master Jesse. She’s got her underwear taken and shoved into her mouth. Soon this slave is on the table receiving a hardcore fisting from her mistress and squealing just like a little piggy.

crazy-pussy-fisting-during-diner submissive-slave-gets-fistind-to-orgasm

Take a look as slave siouxsie q gets fisted till she orgasms!

TheUpperFloor lesbian

Stefanos introduces theupperfloor lesbian slave Pistol to the Saturday brunch group, groping her nude body and making her creep across the diner table to expose herself. Even though she has a status as an outstanding sex slave, in these next the upper floor videos pistol is forced to place her head below the table and allow her exposed holes to get violated by another female slave before she’ll be considered worthy to be used by a guest. The other slave tramp is really happy to fuck poor pistol mercilessly with a large strap on as the guests cheer.


Watch this submissive slave getting strap-on fucked in front of audience!

The Upper Floor – Leather Appreciation

Leather does play a huge role in BDSM, thus we desired to commemorate this with a special night here at the upper floor bdsm house. We create a part of our living room to help in a boot blacking area and place our submissive slaves to work. The theupperfloor guests are asked to sit down, chill out, and enjoy all the services provided. Throughout their time they are asked to over stimulate our slaves with a sybian.

special-leather-night-at-the-upper-floor submissive-slaves-in-leather-getting-stimulated-til-climax

Check out these house slaves engaged into a crazy leather orgy!

Orgies at the upper floor

Stefanos’ Brunch

Orgies at the upper floor is the name of the next update. TheUpperFloor Steward invited the BDSM local community to have brunch with all The House. Right away one cheeky woman has some queries about the dining furniture, and has her own head fixed in the table with her poor ass exposed in mid air. The Master ensures to answer all her stupid questions with a flogger as slave kaos releases orgasms from her exposed pussy.


Watch this house slave getting forced to squirt her pussy juices!

The Upper Floor – Slave Birthday Party

Perverted Ash is wearing her birthday special suit when this these upper floor videos starts. Relaxing among the other house slaves with their dog collars still on she’s got no clue what she’ll experience to celebrate her age and new position at and in the house. Her and also the Pope reach a brand new intensity level as she has uncontrollable sexual climaxes and screams for whim under his crop.

 slave-birthday-party-at-the-upper-floor kinky-slaves-having-fun-at-the-upper-floor

Check out perverted Ash as she experience several uncontrollable orgasms!

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